What we Believe


A church is not a social organization or a club. It is a gathering of men and women who have put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. These people meet together to worship the Lord, to praise Him, to encourage one another to live lives pleasing to the Savior and to be instructed in the truths of the Holy Bible.

 It is also a place from which these believers go forth, individually and in groups, to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus to men and women the world over.

 The extent to which the blessing of the Lord abides upon a church and the effectiveness of a church in the aforementioned areas depends upon its understanding of and obedience to the words of God. There are certainly clearly stated truths found in scripture to which all believers must steadfastly adhere. A collection of individuals, each living in accord with their opinions or religious notions, can accomplish little for Christ. A gathering of men and women who have a like-minded faith in a foundational set of Biblical truths can do great things for the Lord.